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Designer Frames

We have an extensive selection of eyewear including the latest styles in designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses. Here are just some of the lines we offer:

  • Aspire
  • Burberry
  • Coach
  • converse
  • costa del mar
  • etnia
  • Lone Star Collection
  • Lucky Kid
  • Nautica
  • Nike
  • oliver peoples
  • proDesign logo
  • Ray-Ban
  • ToryBurch ColourLogo
  • British elegance with a modern vision of fashion.
  • Costa sunglasses are the clearest in the industry, built for the avid outdoor sportsman or sportswoman!
  • Made with a true passion for comfort and design resulting in some of the most comfortable eyewear in the world.
  • Love the retro glamour of 1950's glasses? Pick up retro flair with modern styling with a pair of Oliver Peoples frames.
  • "Feel Lite, Show Style“ is the promise of the Silhouette eyewear brand, promoting the lite way of life.
  • Graphic prints, bold colors and unique details are all signatures of Tory Burch.